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School Improvement

Our Recovery Plan

The last year has been a difficult one due to the global pandemic that has affected all of us. Recovery is our key priority this year: we must ensure that routines, expectations, standards, relationships and our core values are quickly re-established. At the heart of these plans, getting children 'back-on-track' in both an academic adn emotional sense is the absolute priority.

We are focusing on three strands:

1. Pastoral Support 

A focus on the child's wellbeing and the emotional impact on the pandemic and period of absence.

2. Tailored Support

Amending the curriculum offer so that any negative impact on attainment and progress can be negated as soon as possible.

3. Routines and Expectations

Planned opportunities to explicitly re-teach the routines and procedures in school that are there to keep them safe, alongside a heavy focus on 'picking up where you left off' in terms of standards. 

Levels of support for each strand will be implemented in a tiered approach:

School Development Plan

The school development plan is organised in to four sections that mirror the Education Inspection Framework. Under these heading we identify what we do well and what our next steps are. As a team we decide what our intentions are, how we will implement them and what the impact will be. 

For example: Quality of Education

Action 02:  To ensure progress in reading, writing and maths is rapid and accelerated for all pupil groups. This is our intention.

We then identify a number of ways in which we will implement this, such as: ensuring a rich reading curriculum; age/stage appropriate books; carefully assessing phonics to ensure gaps are identified and filled; ensuring vocabulary is taught; whole class guided reading focusing on mechanics of reading as well as VIPERS approach. This list is not exhaustive

The impact will be evident through pupils enjoyment of reading; their ability to decode and understand underlying themes, and of course, through the progress that they make and their attainment. 

Listed below are our intentions this year. To find out more please see our school development plan.

Quality of Education

Consistently good teaching and learning is evident in all subjects across the school.  Children are supported where necessary to ensure their individual needs are met, while also being challenged via aspirational learning opportunities.

  • Action 01: To ensure that provision for those pupils on the SEND register is consistent, timely and appropriate across all aspects of the curriculum
  • Action 02:  To ensure progress in reading, writing and maths is rapid and accelerated for all pupil groups
  • Action 03:  To ensure any missed learning opportunities due to national school closure are addressed and ‘caught up’ by the Summer term 2021
  • Action 04:  To ensure pupils are challenged in every subject
  • Action 05:  To ensure that expectations of all members of staff are extremely high and that this is evident in the quality of teaching and learning across the school.

Behaviour and Attitudes

Expectations are very high and pupils rise to the challenge of our ambitious programmes of study.  Pupils learn in a hugely positive environment where curiosity, determination, independence, ambition and community-mindedness are celebrated

  • Action 01:  Ensure the wellbeing of all pupils and staff at Frittenden CEP School is at the forefront of provision as we return to school full time
  • Action 02:  Attendance continues to be good

Personal Development

School life at Frittenden CEP School is rich in ambitious activities designed to enthuse our pupils, fostering curious and inquisitive minds

  • Action 01:  Our curriculum is ambitions and holds progression in both skills and knowledge at its core
  • Action 02:  Our learning behaviours are at the heart of all personal development, for staff and pupils alike.  Staff and pupils demonstrate how to be ambitious, curious, independent, community-minded and aspirational in all that they do
  • Action 03:  Pastoral support ensures that all families and pupils understand how to live healthily, both in their lifestyle and their relationships

Leadership and Management

Senior leaders foster a culture of high expectations, ambition and determination to do the very best for all pupils.  This culture permeates throughout our school and is evident in the quality of teaching, learning, policies and practice as well as relationships built on our core Christian values: compassion, wisdom, hope, trust, thankfulness and forgiveness

  • Action 01:  High quality CPD empowers all staff to ensure that they do their utmost to improve outcomes for all pupils
  • Action 02:  A rigorous schedule of monitoring and evaluation by senior leaders ensures that all pupils achieve successful outcomes in their programmes of study
  • Action 03:  Leaders take into account the workload of all staff and remain realistic and constructive in their approach to workload management and staff wellbeing
  • Action 04:  Governors understand their role well and have a clear strategic vision for the school
  • Action 05:  The school’s safeguarding culture is strong which is reflected in clear policies and processes, as well as up to date staff training and an excellent culture of vigilance across the school