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Physical Education

At Frittenden CoE Primary School we aim to enrich children’s lives with fun and engaging experiences and activities in our PE lessons. Lessons encourage children to progressively learn and apply skills to games and sports. Within lessons we encourage children to use perseverance and be ambitious with the challenges that are given to them. This is achieved by the use of progressive differentiation in lessons where children are able to work at a pace which allows them to persevere and continue to practise skills or push themselves to achieve extended challenges and applications.

In KS1 children’s learning is focused around development of fundamental movement, catching and throwing, twisting and balancing, running and jumping. These are key elements which need to be learnt and practised in order for children to be able to apply these in later years. By the end of KS2 children will have had opportunities to enhance these learnt skills and apply them in games and sports.

Respect, joy and compassion are at the core of every lesson. We encourage children to work independently in individual activities as well as in team activities. This is important to encourage children to respect others when involved in sports and activities and further apply these skills outside of school.  We encourage children to find and experience joy in their learning and take joy at their successes and the successes of others. Adults model these values by encouraging children to persevere and offering support for children to achieve and excel.

Our Christian values underpin all aspects of our teaching and learning. The high aspirations and expectations the teaching team have for the children ensure that no child is given a learning limit or ceiling and that every child is given the opportunity to flourish. As mentioned earlier, every effort and opportunity for praise should be celebrated. The school values are integrated into every PE lesson as follows:

Respect: Respect it at the core of our PE lessons. Children are encouraged to respect each other by helping those who need support and respecting those individual differences. Respect is also encouraged through team work where children are expected to work together and support each other.

Joy: Children are encouraged to find joy in the everyday; experience joy for their success and the success of others; and to share their joy. This is done through cheering on a team member, offering supportive advice and giving praise to peers for brilliant effort and achievements.

Compassion:   Our school community is supportive and care about each other. We  are compassionate and supportive. A compassionate athlete is a better teammate and a better role model to their peers.