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Our Aims

Our Mission as a Church School:

"Learning for Life in the Light of God"


To engage every child in an exciting and meaningful educational experience in an inclusive, caring Christian Community.

Our Ethos Statement

At Frittenden Church of England Primary School the staff, parents and governors welcome all families to share the quality education we provide. We work as a team to create a caring environment where everyone feels valued, secure and respected.  We strive to encourage excellence, share success and enable all children to prepare for a successful future.

Our Aims

To underpin this ethos statement the staff and governors aim to:

  • Create a happy and secure environment where children develop a love of learning
  • Help pupils become self-motivated and independent individuals
  • Provide a challenging curriculum that is broad, balanced and enables all children to reach their full potential
  • Promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural values that prepare the child for responsibilities, experiences and opportunities throughout life
  • Foster a positive partnership between parents, staff, governors, the Church and the community


All stakeholders have agreed on six Christian values which underpin everything we do at Frittenden. To make these values meaningful and memorable for the children, each is aligned with a parable that demonstrates the value and each class has their own value and parable. We use each of our values as a termly focus for our Acts of Worship. 


Dahl class
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The parable of the good Samaritan. Luke 10: 25 - 37


Shakespeare class
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The parable of the wise and foolish builders.Matthew 7: 24-27


Wells class
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Jesus heals the 10 lepers. Luke 17: 11- 19


Potter class
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The parable of the lost sheep. Luke 15: 1 - 7 


The parable of the mustard seed. Mark 4:30-32


The unforgiving servant.  Matthew  18:21-35