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Off by Heart Poetry

Our 'Off by Heart' Poetry Competition 2023


We are proud to announce the return of our annual Frittenden Primary School Off By Heart Poetry Competition!

For this competition we are asking all the children to learn one poem 'Off By Heart'.  This can be from the list of suggestions below or a suitable one from home The children will be reciting their poems in class and the two winning entries from each class will go through to the Grand Final in Hall on Friday 28th April 2023. These are always terrific events and all the children always perform absolutely brilliantly and we are extremely grateful to our three independent judges for making the tough decisions for us! There are lots of photographs of last year's event in the Galleries section of this website. 

All the poems for this year can be accessed on this page of the website.  The best way of learning a poem is not to try and do it all at once. Little and often, line by line, is often the best approach. You can still have a go at learning one of these. Staff and parents are also encouraged to have a go as this will also give the children encouragement!

There are poems for Key Stage 1.  There are several poems to choose from, or you can choose one of your own.  Here is a list of suggested poem titles. Copies of these Poems can be downloaded from below at the bottom of this page.

An Alphabet

At the Zoo

Bed in Summer


My Shadow

The Caterpillar

The Cow

The Fisherman

The Star

The Wind

What is pink

The Key Stage 2 poems can be found by clicking on the links below. There are several poems to choose from. Some are funny. Some are sad. Some are nonsense. Some might make you think. They are all fantastic poems however, and we hope you find one that you would like to learn.  You can always choose on of your own too!

Here is a list of suggested poem titles. Copies of these Poems can be downloaded from below at the bottom of this page.

Don't say  said

Firework night

George who played with a dangerous


Matilda who told lies

On my first son

RL Stevenson Windy

RL Stevenson From a railway

The Crocodile

The Duck and the Kangeroo

The Eagle

The Jabberwocky

The Jumblies

The Lady of Shallot

The Listeners

The Owl and the Pussycat


The table and chair

The Tyger

You are old father

Get learning and good luck.....!

Poetry is a story

that is so good

it doesn't need

complete sentences