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Mental Health & Well-Being

Mental health and well being of pupils, parents and staff is very important to us - more so now than ever. 

Please use these helpful resources:

Kent County Council have issued a Kent Together letter to parents regarding a 24 hour helpline.  Please see details here

Fegan's Counselling information can be accessed here

Pooky Knightsmith has developed two free courses to support  at parents at this time:

Both of these courses are a series of short videos filled with simple, practical ideas you can use right away. I hope you like them!

Young Minds : dealing with anxiety, isolation and social distancing. 

Young Minds : parents - Supporting your child during the pandemic.

Fancy learning something new? Parents or grandparents - The Open University have a huge range of online courses which are free. 

Action for Happiness - Coping Calendar

Calming Activities, Mindfulness, Breathing, Yoga Videos, Exercise and More...


Lots of activities including mindfulness, active blasts, Maths and English.

 Childline Calm-Zone

Just Breathe

A video aimed at children to help them feel calmer

150 Sensory Learning Ideas

Apps for Wellbeing and Mental Health

The following websites that have looked at the best apps for children. Many are free!

 Stop, Breathe and Think App

Check in with how you're feeling and try short activities tuned to your emotions

Smiling Mind App

A great app with age specific mindfulness resources, including a new resource, 'Thrive Inside'.  Thrive Inside is a special program to help you stay psychologically healthy while you're spending extended periods of time at home.

Cosmic Kids Yoga and Mindfulness App

This app often has a two week trial available