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Meet the Governors

Governors 2021 / 22

Our governing body consists of people in our local community, parents from our school, members of our church and teaching staff. Together we all work as a team to improve our school and support the staff. The governing body consists of two  committees: the Curriculum and Learning Committee and the Resources Committee.

The full governing body meet 5 times a year, whilst the resources' committee meets a further 3 times and the Curriculum and Learning committee 4. All the governors have an area of responsibility and belong to one of the committees.

The Governing Body

Ms. Nichola. Costello -

Hello. I am Ms. Costello. I have been at Frittenden for 11 happy years, first as the Senior Teacher in year 5/6 and then as Head teacher for the last 5 years. 

I have a daughter called Rhiann and, in the photo, you can see me holding my grandson Huxley, for the first time. He is adorable. 

When I am not being a head teacher or a Forest School leader, I like to be creative. I like to sew, paint, crochet and make things. I love to cook, particularly curries. I love the great outdoors and enjoy being by water!

Mrs. Helen Stansfeld -                                  Chair of the Governing Body & Curriculum and Learning Committee

I’m Helen Stansfeld and have been on the governing board for several years and am currently chair. I love our village and the school and really enjoy being part of the school community. I have a teaching background, am a Christian and a member of St Mary’s. I have four children and am accumulating grandchildren. In our spare time my husband and I take trips on our tandem and I volunteer at the Hospice in the Weald on the chaplaincy team.

Mr. Alex Davies -                                                      Vice Chair of the Governing Body / Resources and Personnel Committee

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Mr. Keith Glover -                                            Chair of the Resources and Personnel Committee

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Revd. Pete Deaves -

I'm Pete Deaves. 

Most unusual place you’ve lived?

Minsk in Belarus, or Astana in Kazakhstan

Any unusual hobbies?

Learning Russian – I love languages!

Favourite food?

Love Marmite (have you ever tried Marmite popcorn?!), hate corned beef

What did you do before you moved to Kent?

Before my training, I worked in schools in East Sussex, teaching, and also supporting children and families - I loved it!

Earliest memory?

My first day at school when I drew a purple crocodile and a green guinea pig!

What do you love about being a Governor?

Being on a team is always better than trying to do something on your own - unless you're learning to ride a unicycle! I enjoy working together with the other governors and the wonderful Frittenden school staff to make our school as good and positive as possible.

Mrs. Berni Cooper -                                            Safeguarding Governor / Curriculum and Learning Committee

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Mr. Graham Langlay-Smith  -              Resources and Personnel Committee

Graham has been a Governor since November 2019. He has lived in Frittenden since 1996 and his daughter Rosie attended the pre-school. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and works full-time in the investment management industry. Outside of work he enjoys country walks with the family dog, Lily, and pottering around in the garden.

Mrs. Amy Wichall - contact via the school                                                                    Staff Governor and SENCo / Curriculum and Learning Committee

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Mrs. Fiona Gosden -                                          Curriculum and Learning Committee

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Mr. Sam Thomas -                                              Resources and Personnel Committee

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Mr. Peter Braggins -                                        SEN Governor / Curriculum and Learning Committee 

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Mr. Steve Duddle -                                            Curriculum and Learning Committee

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Mrs. Jane Phillips -                                                Clerk to the Governing Body

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