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Frittenden Primary School ensures that all pupils follow the National Curriculum. Maths lessons are taught daily and usually during the morning session. Lessons are planned and taught so that all children can learn and succeed, regardless of ability. Those needing extra support are given it by the class teacher or teaching assistants during the lesson. If any children are still in need of further support, maths interventions are provided for these children and usually carried out by the class’ teaching assistant.

During lessons, children are encouraged to visualise mathematical concepts in different ways such as in abstract, concrete and pictorial representations. Children of all ages are also encouraged to use manipulatives in lessons to help support and extend their learning.

Maths lessons on a particular area ensure that children are mathematically fluent first before they complete reasoning and then solve problems and investigations linked to that area.

Teachers assess informally during each lesson and use this to inform future planning. Children also complete a more formal assessment at the end of each term.

Parents are encouraged to support children in their mathematical learning at home. Children from year 2 upwards are given an individual log in to the website Times Tables Rock Stars which can be accessed at home on computers, laptops or tablets for the children to practise their time tables. Children are also provided with a Mental Arithmetic (MA) book to complete as homework. They are expected to spend a certain amount of time each week completing this depending on their age (see homework policy)


Yearly Maths Overviews

Potter Class


Dahl Class

(Year 1 & 2)

Wells Class

(Year 3 & 4)


Shakespeare Class

(Year 5 & 6)