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MA Homework Guidance

At Frittenden Primary we utilise Schofield and Simms Mental Arithmetic (MA) Books for set mathematics homework.  MA books have been introduced to help children practice and develop their mental arithmetic skills.  Since their introduction we have been encouraged by the positive feedback from you all, and the impact on the children’s learning as a result of this homework. 

MA books are sent home each week, and we ask that they are returned weekly on the day set by the class teacher.  When homework is handed in they will be marked. Once work is returned it is helpful if your children finish their corrections BEFORE moving on to the next page and we would ask that you also check this at home.  Children will need to complete these pages in pencil only and will need to do 1 session/test per week (please do not exceed this amount).

 These books will be marked by the school and used to track children’s progress and award house points which are collected on Friday mornings. As far as possible we would like these pages to be completed unaided.  However, if support is required to solve a problem please place an asterisk next to the question so that teachers are aware of this (support does not include reading the question, as younger children will need this adult guidance).

We would appreciate if your child’s MA book could be covered in some way to preserve it.  E.g. Plastic zip wallet, book cover or sticky back plastic.  One will initially be provided by the school.

In September your child may be reissued with the same book they were using at the end of last term. As the term progresses your class teacher will monitor and review your child’s book and make alterations where appropriate.  If you have any queries regarding the book your child has been given please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher.