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  • Information about Homework activities focusing on English, Maths and other curriculum subjects can be found on these pages and should be competed by the date(s) assigned.
  • At times homework activities may be set through online platforms such as Atom Learning, RMEasimaths or TTRockstars.  Further information about logging in to these platforms will be sent home in paper form.  


  • From the end of September 2023, we wil be returning to using Mental Arithmetic Books from Scholfeild & Sims as a main part of our Maths Homework.  These books will be coming home with the children on Fridays inside a plastic protective cover.  Each week your child will  need to complete one page / session of the MA unless the class teacher has told them otherwise.  
  • Please do any corrections from the previous test done in or near the answer boxes first before you move on to complete your next test page.  Remember that all work should be done in pencil, thank you.
  • Try and work through it independently.  However, if you need support, put a star besides the ones you had help with.  If the MA book is pitched at the right level for you there will be about 3-5 questions that you find challenging, whilst the others will encourage your Maths fluency.  Of the up to 30 weekly questions, have a go at as many of these as you can and if you are still stuck, then teachers will be able to make a note of these and go over them with you at school.
  •  Children should be trying to complete the set amount from the book within a time of 30 minutes.  Please note that if completing the whole amount appears daunting, aim instead for completing 5 a day instead.
  • Please could these Mental Arithmetic (MA) books come back into class each Wednesday to allow time to check/monitor your child's progress.  New - First Mental Arithmetic - Blog - Schofield and Sims





  • Alongside the Mental Arithmetic pages / tasks set at times, other Maths tasks might be set within Atom Learning. TT Rockstars or RMEasimaths.  



  • Year 3 and 4 children should be reading regularly outside of school for around 20 minutes x 5's a week.  This could be reading to an adult aloud.  Independently reading which can be followed by discussing the pages they have read to develop their comprehension and understanding.  Or sharing a book whilst reading together.  The children will each have a named book bag, which should come backwards and forwards with them from home to school.  Latest > a4 plastic book bag - OFF-60% > Free Delivery





  • This year we shall be focusing on the high-frequency spelling words your child should be confident of spelling in Yr 3/4. We will focus in class on a set of words during the week and then test the children on the following Monday each week to check that the children know how to spell these words. These set of words will come home on a separate sheet alongside other key weekly homework information each Friday inside the pink book.
  •   It is possible to log into Sir Linkalot at home, which offers the opportunities to review the short reminder animations for each spelling word being focused on each week.  Depending on the device you’re using, the logging in instructions have been sent home.

Other subjects

  • At times, other homework tasks will be sent home, linked to curriculum topics being covered a part of our subjects.  More information can be found out about these when set inside the 'pink' homework book.