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Governors 2019 / 20

Our governing body consists of people in our local community, parents from our school, members of our church and teaching staff. Together we all work as a team to improve our school and support the staff. The governing body has recently undergone a restructuring which resulted in not only the nomination and successful appointment of a new Chair and Vice Chair, but additionally, the formation of two new committees: the Learning and Development Committee and the Resources Committee.

The full governing body meet 4 times a year, whilst the resources committee meets a further 3 times and the Learning and Development committee 4. All the governor have an area of responsibility and belong to one of the committees.

The Governing Body

Mr M. Gosden -

Ms N. Costello - 

Mrs H. Stansfeld- 

Mrs B. Cooper -

Mr. P. Braggins -

Mr A. Davies -

Mr K. Glover -

Mrs A. Wichall -

Mrs S. Wilkinson -

Mrs J. Phillips -


DBEd – Diocesan Board of Education. PCC – Parochial Church Council. T&D – Training and Development.  GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation.

SIAMS -Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools.  SEN(D) – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

*The number of full governing body (FGB) or Committee (Comm) meetings which could have been attended whilst a serving governor.