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Exploring Maths Online

Effective Maths Resources available for subscription

  • Squeebles: A range of fantastic apps, also available from app stores, to support learning times tables, telling the time, fractions and calculations.
  • Aliens and Numbers: Enjoy discovering numbers with funny aliens, a fun way to practice sums and counting, Easy to use: your kids will have fun for hours as they learn and explore, with audio, perfect for all ages
  • Endless Numbers: Kids will have a blast learning number recognition, sequences, quantity, numerical patterns, and simple addition with the adorable Endless monsters. Each number features interactive sequences and equation puzzles with numbers that come alive, and a short animation that provides context and meaning to each number.


Welcome to Our Exploring Maths for Free Online Portal

Here you will find a growing list of free web based resources which can be used to support your child at home with Maths.  As there is a wide range of free software available to support learning we have split these sites into specific areas and Key Stages.  Further recommended website links of Maths as well as other subjects can be found in the 'Recommended Links' section of the website.  

Click below to visit our recommended online activity/game or websites.

Reception & KS 1 Games

Counting, the number system and ordering

  Recognising numbers of objects   Recognising numbers on a 10 frame


Place Value

Shark Numbers Lifeguards Exploring Place Value 


Number bonds

 10 pipe  Number bonds to 20  


Addition Games

Tug Boat Addition Jet Ski Maths  Alien Addition

Funky Mummy to 10 + 10  Addition facts to 20  



Minus Mission Island Chase Ducky race

Target Take Away Subtraction facts puzzle  


Mixed Operations

Lord Voldemort  Brainie  



Duck Shoot    

KS 2 Maths Games

Place Value of digits

Pirate decimal place value    


Addition Games

Addition to 100    



Puzzle pics multiplication 2 digit multiplication Penguin Jump

Missing Numbers Squared or cubed Short Multiplication Batter's Up!


Tractors   Grand Prix



  Division Derby Demolition Division Drag Race

Puzzle pics division    


Negative Numbers

 Add and subtract positive and negative numbers Multiplying positive and negative numbers Combining + and  - numbers to make a target number


Fractions, decimals and Percentages 

Convert Fractions to decimals Decimal Words Adding Fractions

Comparing Fractions Ordering Fractions Multiplying Fractions


Algebra and Puzzles

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