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The school has an Emergency Plan that gives contact details and a summary of the roles and responsibilities of key personnel within the school and the local authority. It contains a comprehensive guide to activation triggers, initial actions and ongoing management of an incident. In the event of a major incident, where safe access to the school could not be re-established, all staff and pupils would be evacuated to the Memorial Hall. Parents and carers would be contacted from here if it was felt necessary to send children home.


To provide a flexible response to an emergency or disruptive incident so that Frittenden CEP can:

  • minimise the impact of an emergency or major incident,
  • ensure that the emergency incident is communicated quickly and clearly to supporting agencies and partners, enabling support arrangements to be rapidly activated,
  • maintain high standards of welfare and duty of care arrangements for pupils, staff and carers,
  • ensure that decision making and actions during the emergency situation are properly recorded,
  • to minimise educational and administrative disruption within a school,
  • to facilitate the return to normal working arrangements at the earliest time.


This plan is designed to allow the school to cope in a wide range of emergencies, including those occurring:

  • within the school during the school day,
  • to the school outside of school hours,
  • on school trips and journeys,
  • to pupils on the way to or from school,
  • from events immediately outside the school gates,
  • from events that adversely affect an area wider that the school itself.

School Closure

Should the school need to close at short notice, due to adverse conditions such as bad weather, the information will be posted on the site and updated as the situation changes.  Local radio stations will also announce school closures.  The text messaging service and website will also be used to keep you informed.  If pupils are unable to attend, due to closure, teachers will post work on the website within individual classes.