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Spelling Activities

SpellingsSpelling Test Support - Advice for Parents (and Teachers)

Shakespeare class has been separated into 2 main groups for weekly spellings, so please ensure your child is looking at the correct list. They will practise their spellings throughout the week in class, but any other additional revision techniques at home are welcome. At times there are also some 'Challenge' Spellings that all the groups can work on learning which are linked to topics being covered in class. 

Spellings will be tested weekly on Mondays. 


Spellings for Spring 1 - the Week beginning: 10/01/22

Group 1

(Year 5 focused words)

Group 2

(Year 6 focused words)

horrible bough
terrible enough
possible though
edible thought
reversible rough
invincible ought
legible cough
adorable bought
forgivable drought
disposable tough
enjoyable although
valuable dough
breakable plough
identifiable sought
incredibly thorough
sensibly brought


FS and KS1 Liturgy – Challenge! – BRW Academy BlogSpelling


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Sir Linkalot

Whilst the weekly lists of words can be accessed above, animations and games to help learn their spellings can be found by using the Sir Linkalot app.  The app can be downloaded from an appropriate app store to use with your device.  Advice for Logging in to the app with the school Username and Password has been sent out but let us know if you need further help. Happy linking! 

Further information about this app can be found within Our Discovery blogs in the Literacy blog.