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Science T5

Identify that animals, including humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition, and that they cannot make their own food; they get nutrition from what they eat.


What does it mean to be 'living'?

What is a living thing and what isn't a living thing?

Are you a living thing? How do you know?

Are plants living things?

One thing all living things need is food, but not all living things get food in the same way.

Plants have a very special way of making their own food. The process of them making their food is called photosynthesis.

Have a look at this website: 

Can humans do this too?

You could try just standing in the sun and breathing and see if you feel full?

You've probably realised that although both humans and plants are living things, we get our food in different ways. 

So what kind of foods do humans need?

Using the Food Groups activity sheet below, match the labels with the pictures.

Next, research and learn about the different food groups.

Finally, complete the What Nutrients do for Us activity, pick your level of challenges.