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In Science we have been thinking about Human and Plant Growth. Please select one of the activities below to complete each week. 

  •  Watch "The cycle of a Sunflower" video and then draw a picture/create a piece of art work to explain what happens to a sunflower throughout it's life.
  • Play the interactive game and see if you can grow your own plant, be careful that you give it everything it needs. Once you have been successful draw a picture of your plant and label it with things that it needed to be able to grow.  
  • Watch "An introduction to the human body". Once you have watched it make an interactive body map where you label parts of your own body and stick them on. You can then take a photo of yourself! 
  • Watch "What do humans need to stay healthy". Afterwards design a poster to display in your home about different ways we can all stay healthy. 
  • Washing hands. Make a poster to describe how you should wash your hands and why it's so important? 
  • Human Growth. Write about the different stages of human growth. What happens as you grown and change?
  •  Seasons. What do you remember about our seasons topic leaning from last term? Take this quiz to see! 
  • Continents and Oceans. Play "Pirate Bunnies: World adventures" on BBC bitesize and explore the world's continents and oceans. 

Bird Watching.

Before we broke up at school we begun bird watching from our KS1 outside area. We saw some lovely birds including robins, starlings, blackbirds and magpies. If you would like to continue our bird watching project at home then you can click onto the "Love your garden" website and see if you can spot any of the common garden birds listed on there. You could even make your own bird watching hide to hide out in and wait for them to visit your garden. Don't forget to make a chart of which birds you have seen and update it regularly.