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Religious Education T4

Christianity: Salvation - Why do Christians call the day Jesus died 'Good Friday'?

(These are Christian beliefs. In line with British Values, we respect all beliefs.)

We had begun looking into Jesus' final days here on Earth. The children are aware that Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on a Sunday. He had created quite a reputation and following as a miracle maker and son of God. The people of Jerusalem, a city controlled by the Romans, were excited this man had come and they waved palm branches in celebration and laid their cloaks upon the ground.


Jesus was a threat to the Romans and religious leaders. They didn't believe Jesus was really the son of God or could bring any good. So when an angry Jesus turned over a table and exposed the money changers in the temple, the Romans jumped at the opportunity to arrest him. With the help of Judas, the found Jesus on the day now known as Maundy Thursday. 

On Friday, Good Friday, Jesus was forced to bare his cross and was crucified. Crucifixion was a common form of Roman torture.  Sadly he died on this day.   

Remember this song guys? See if you could come up with actions for the whole song.  I can hear you all shouting "THIS IS AMAZING GRACE!"      


The next day was Saturday, now known as Holy Saturday. Jesus' body was placed inside a tomb and a heavy stone rolled in front so his body was safe and no one could enter. 

The following day, Jesus' friend Mary Magdalene came to pay her respects at Jesus' tomb, but she was shocked to find the tomb empty! JESUS WAS GONE!

Explore this website and have a go at the quiz: 


What happened next?

  • Someone had come for Jesus, who was it?
  • While on Earth Jesus had performed miracles, why? 
  • Jesus tried to show the people on Earth how to live their best life, a life that would be rewarded with eternity in .................. (where was it?)

Change and new things are difficult for some people to cope with. Jesus was asking the people of the world to trust him, to open their hearts, minds and souls to him and the Heavenly Father. 

Find out what 'grace' means in Christianity.

  • How did Jesus explain to the people who struggled to believe him, that it would be ok?
  • How did he convince the people who had been bad that God would still love them?

Jesus encourages his followers to recognise their sins so they can learn from them. 

With an adult, see if you can hear some of the story of Holy Week in this song: