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During this half term we will be looking at the topic:

"Who is Jewish and what do they believe?"

This unit of investigation enables pupils to think about what might be found in a Jewish home and how these objects link to the Jewish way of life. There is a focus on the mezuzah, the belief in one God, Shabbat and Chanukah. These are the main outcomes of this topic:

I can talk about how the mezuzah in the home reminds Jewish people about God.
• I can make links between some Jewish teaching and how Jewish people live.
• I can talk about how Shabbat is a special day of the week for Jewish people.
• I can give some examples of what Jewish people might do to celebrate Shabbat.
• I can express my own ideas about the value of times of reflection, thanksgiving, praise and
remembrance, in light of their learning about why Jewish people choose to celebrate in
these ways.

Please work through the activities each week. 

  1.  Who is Jewish?
    What is precious to us? What is precious to Jewish people? (What special objects
    might we find in a Jewish home?) Watch the clip "Meet a Jewish family" and make a list of some of the things you might find in a Jewish home. You could draw some pictures too. Please note you may need to watch the video more than once.
  2. What is a Mezuzah?                                                                                                                 What does a Mezuzah remind Jewish people about? (What is inside a Mezuzah and
    what does it mean?) Listen to the song "It's my Mazuzah" What special words would you like to remember every day? Write your own special message and make your own scroll (Mezuzah) to keep it in. 
  3.  How and why do Jewish people celebrate Shabbat?                                                                  Why is Shabbat special to Jewish people? What is Shabbat? Watch this video clip "Introduction to Shabbat" on the BBC website. You could think of two activities that Jews cannot do during Shabbat and two activities that they are allowed to do and draw pictures of them.
  4.  Celebrating Shabbat                                                                                                                       How do Jewish people celebrate Shabbat? Watch this BBC bitesize clip called "Celebrating shabbat in a Jewish home". Then draw a picture and write about a special time that you and your family have enjoyed a meal togther.    
  5.  All about Shabbat                                                                                                                           Look at this power point which contains some more details about how the Jewish community celebrate Shabbat and when. 
  6.  A Shabbat table                                                                                                                              Which items would you find on a traditional Jewish Shabbat table? Complete this activity bu matching each picture with it's correct label.