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Our Curriculum

In Potter class we use a wide range of teaching strategies to ensure a varied curriculum that matches the interests and learning levels of the children in the current cohort. As we take a child led approach we do not have set topics each year and instead plan based on the children's interests and next steps. 

Daily the children will take part in whole class learning, groups work, independent challenges as well as activities in our continual provision both inside and outside the classroom. Our aim is to create a wide range of learning opportunities that enable children to make their next steps towards the Early Learning Goals. 

During our daily phonics sessions we follow the Monster phonics scheme. Through songs, actions and a range of activities the children learn the graphemes as outlined below. 

In mathematics we teach key number skills using a combination of whole class teaching, group work and carefully planned practical play based activities. A whole class mathematics session is taught daily using the White Rose Maths scheme. White Rose Maths is a carefully sequenced programme that allows children to work step by step through new concepts in a practical (using concrete apparatus) before using and applying these skills in reasoning and problem solving activities.The Long Term Plans below show the areas of maths that your child/ren will be covering and at what approximate time of year.