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On Fridays Mental Arithmetic books (MA) will be handed out, to be returned by Wednesday with one test completed.  Please ensure MA books are covered either in the provided plastic jacket or in sticky back plastic to preserve them from damage.  If your child needs your help answering some of the questions please indicate those questions with an asterisk.

We continue to recommend that the children regularly practise their tables up to 12 x 12 and corresponding division facts at home; skills that are not regularly utilised can be easily forgotten.

During the enforced closure children should aim to continue to complete one test each week.  Please could you continue to use MA books just as a homework tool following the current amount per week. Please don’t complete the whole book within a few weeks as we will continue to use this as our homework when we are back to normal!



During enforced closure:

White Rose Maths are uploading lessons weekly for pupils to follow. Please complete the lessons each day - if you cannot print them out ask your child to record their answers in their book. 

Pupils have TT Rockstars accounts. If they cannot remember them please email

Information about 'How to Log in' to Brain Pop.

Username : frittenden

Password : shakespeare1

Use the links below to practice, explore and develop mathematical areas of learning.

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