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Home learning Activities

We will be using these pages to signpost you to the learning that the children will be required to do at home. The pages in the section opposite to this will have links and resources added which will help you to help your child.

We do not know how long the children will be at home with you for. It is vitally important that parents continue educating at home. 

  • Read with your child daily.
  • Complete maths and English learning. 
  • Practise number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.
  • Practise handwriting. Examples of cursive script can be found online.
  • Practise phonic sounds, segmenting and blending and spellings of the KS1 tricky words.
  • Complete some topic learning. 

Teachers can be contacted through class email and they will respond to queries. Children's learning can be scanned or photographed and sent via email. Work completed in Purple Mash can be saved for teachers to access remotely. 

Here is an example of a suggested timetable I have put together for you. It has all of the lessons on it that need to be covered on a daily and weekly basis. You can find links to these in the section opposite to this. This is only a suggested timetable, it's up to your discretion as to the order in which you complete the daily learning activities.