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Home Learning

Today, if your child is not in due to the extreme weather, please can they complete the following:


Login to mymaths 

username fritt

password: golden

On the left side of the screen select geometry. This will give you 2 options: properties of shape or position and direction. Select position and direction and then year 4 activities for coordinates. Please complete the lesson and homework activity. Follow this process again to complete the year 4 translating lesson and homework activity.


As we have been looking at persuasion, please can you do one of these:

  1. Write a letter to the school governors explaining what changes should be made to the school due to extreme heat. For example, air condition being installed, a canopy on the playground as there is no shade... what else can you think of? 
  2. Design and write a leaflet to persuade people to look after bees. This could also include some information about bees or types of bees.

Unit - Oak National Academy (

This is a link to some Spanish revision. Click on a lesson and have a go - see what you know already, and what you can learn that is new. Try some new words out on me tomorrow. 

Stay in the shade and drink lots of water. 

See you in the morning. Mr. Price