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Health and Wellbeing

We are thinking about Heath and Wellbeing this half term in PSHE. Please follow the links below for activities that will help to support your child with this.

Managing emotions

  • Believe in yourself! Join in with Naomi Wilkinson and sing and dance about believing in yourself. What are you good at? Make a list of all the things that you like doing and are good at. 
  • Managing your emotions. Watch this clip and talk to an adult about how you can manage your emotions at home. 
  • Feeling angry. In this video, a child explains his feelings after he has been angry.  After watching come up with a plan of what you can do if you ever start to feel angry?
  • Time to chill. Watch this time to chill video clip by five a day. Join in with the exercises and feel relaxed by the end! Maybe you could make up your own time to chill routine using some calming music. 
  • Cosmic Yoga - Popcorn and Pirates. Join in with this yoga routine whilst listening to a fun story about pirates! 

Staying safe

  • Bicycle safety. Watch the BBC bite size clip about being safe around bicycles. Make a list of rules to follow when riding your bike. 
  • On line safety. Here are 3 sessions that you can look at with your child about staying safe online. Watch the videos/read the story together and then talk about what you have seen and complete the activity. Session 1,    Session 2,    Session 3