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Google Classroom

For Home Learning during this time, this year's activities will be being set through Google Classroom. Here's a quick 'How to' get set up with logging in.

How do I sign in to Shakespeare's Google Classroom?

Children will need to sign in using their G-Suite account.  This account will be given to them in school, being their and then their unique password.  They can go to the Classroom by clicking below or from a Google search page. 

Enter their account username below.

Tap Next


Tap Next Then account unique password

This will then send you back to a Google search screen.  Look for the Grid of 9 small squares and click on them.  

Then click on Google Drive. 

Next, you'll see a screen like this

Click on the grid collection of squares, then click on classroom.

Select the 'I'm a student' option.

How do I sign in to Classroom? - Computer - Classroom Help

Look for the + symbol to join the Shakespeare classroom

Then you will be prompted to enter the class code. (When this has been done once the classroom remains available each time you log in and appears as access classroom tile on the left)