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Reading, writing, grammar, punctuation, phonics and spelling - there are many elements to English and it takes a lot of practise.

  • Please read with your child every day for about 15 minutes. You can find colour banded books on also have a range of ebooks that can be listened to as they are read aloud. 
  • Practise phonics using  concentrate on phases 3, 4 and 5. Please spend at least 15 minutes playing phonic games: flash cards and buried treasure are a must. You can also find phonics and spelling activities on Purple Mash. I have attached some phonics sounds and tricky word videos to watch at the bottom of the page to accompany the weekly spellings. 
  • Letter formation and handwriting is important. Please practise letter formation and joining letters to make words. There are example on youtube of how you form cursive letters. 
  •  Complete the English activities set weekly. This will include lots of comprehension practise. 

Daily English Learning.
Please practise the spellings from Purple Mash by playing the game firstly. Then spend some time practising writing them independently. Weekly Spellings

Year 1

Year 2

Phonics: Phonemes and Graphemes

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 5

Tricky words

Phase 2 tricky words

Phase 3 tricky words

Phase 4 tricky words

Phase 5 tricky words

KS1 High Frequency words