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Art & DT Activities

Art and DT | Blenheim Primary School

Linked with our curriculum topics here you will find a selection of the Art & DT activities we would have been doing within the class.  Should you have the materials available at home and feel artistic and ready to have a go you will find the instructions and inspirations below for the first task.  Further activities will appear within the 'In this Section' tab to the right.

Activity 1

Within one of the class texts we were due to be looking at we would find an Origami challenge, the art of paper folding.   

How to Make a Paper Crane

Steps 1 - 4

Steps 5 - 8

Steps 9 - 12

Steps 13 - 16

Laycock Primary School | Art & DT

We enjoy the opportunity for a challenge in Shakespeare and so whenever possible there are always activities to go further. 

 Art For Kids Hub Store | Featuring custom t-shirts, prints, and more Why not look at some of the other Origami projects on the Art for Kids hub website and have a go at making/folding one of the other projects.  It would be lovely if you could share a photo of any you manage to construct.