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Activity 9

Exploring Hinduism

Rama & Sita

Rama and Sita is one of the main stories from Hinduism and a good one to start with.  Whilst this is aimed at younger children it offers a useful introduction to their story.

This story is connected with Diwali - the annual festival of light held every autumn.

It is about Rama rescuing Sita from a demon King Ravana with the help of Hanuman and his monkey army.

This short film is part of an animated series called Religions of the World.

Activity 9

After being reintroduced to Diwali and how it links to Rama and Sita we move on to looking at topics relating to Hinduism in a little more detail.  Using the BBC My Life, My Religion series we would look in some more detail at a range of topics with our notes going towards a Powerpoint presentation about Hinduism and what we have discovered.

Using the series of short films in which 14-year-old Simran and her 11-year-old brother Vraj explain the traditions and beliefs of their Hindu faith.

The topics covered include:

  • Diwali - the festival of light
  • A Hindu wedding ceremony
  • Hindu temples
  • Celebrating Holi
  • The Cycle of Birth and Rebirth
  • The festival of Raksha Bandhan
  • A Hindu pilgrimage


Further reading for if you wish to explore ยป dwf go further