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Activity 8

Indian Dance

Watch this video about Indian dance from the BBC.

Dancers trained in the classical Indian dance forms of Kathak and Bharatanatyam describe the movements they need to learn to perfect the classical technique. The dancers perform in traditional costume, embellished with jewellery and body art, accompanied by traditional Indian musical instruments and singing. They share their views on the commitment it takes to become a classical Indian dancer and the importance of upholding their rich cultural traditions. They describe the expressive qualities of the hand movements and facial expressions.

Young people performing bhangra and Bollywood modern dance routines show the fusion of Western and traditional styles.

Now that you've seen some Indian dancing why not have a go at an online Kathak lesson.  Click on the link below to go to the BBC Dance workshop and have a go. Please know that you will need to get an adult to log into the BBC Website as an email address is required.  The Dance Workshop is available through BBC Sounds for which you need to have a free account to log in.  For the Kathak routine it's better if you can do it with someone.

Further reading for if you wish to explore ยป dwf go further

Why not challenge yourself and have a go at one of the other online Indian Dance lessons?