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Activity 6

Indian Food

What would be your favourite meal? 

Have you ever had a curry?  There are many different types of curry. Look at the list below – are there any you recognise? Which types of curry do you like or dislike?

  • balti, bhuna, biryani, dhansak, jalfrezi, korma, murgh masala, rogan josh, saag, vindaloo




Have a go a completing the Curry Wordsearch

PDF (Portable Document Format) Definition

Further reading for if you wish to explore ยป dwf go further

Why not have a go with the help of an adult at home at making some delicious Chapatis. Here a just a couple of links to simple recipes that'll take about 25 minutes to follow and make. 

BBC Food (@BBCFood) | Twitter Chapatis Recipe


BBC Good Food magazine features One Mile Bakery Cardiff classes in ... Making Chapatis