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Activity 3

The Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Is Turning Yellowish Green Because of Pollution

Activity 3

Read through the Taj Mahal Fact Sheet and watch the Youtube video about the Taj Mahal by clicking on the image of the Taj Mahal below.

Taj Mahal Fact Sheet

  After watching the video and reading through the Fact Sheet, now try to complete the Taj Mahal worksheet below.

Taj Mahal Worksheet

Further reading for if you wish to explore ยป dwf go further

Can you now go further?

Taj Mahal TutorialUsing the internet what additional facts can you discover about the Taj Mahal.  Using the blank copy of the Taj Mahal worksheet below record any further information you think is relevant and interesting.

Taj Mahal Worksheet (Blank)