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Sir Linkalot

Recently I've been thinking about ways to further support and improve children's skills in spelling.  At this year's BETT show in London back in January, I investigated an app called Sir Linkalot.  Its aim to help children learn to spell using quick, memorable animations and quizzes. Using perfect bitesize animations to work through bundles of specifically grouped words the app aims to offer a boost for school spelling tests and SATS revision. Now it's FREE for the next 12 weeks so why not consider getting the Award-winning App!  Further info on how below.


Sir Linkalot on Vimeo

Hi one and all,

Challenging times call for us all to work together, so we've decided to give schools, parents and carers free access to our award-winning spelling app (for at least 12-weeks from March 20).

This has a couple of key benefits:

1. It will most definitely raise your child(ren)'s literacy levels *

2. It will make life a whole lot easier for parents and carers

3. Your children will have fun while learning.

* Each bundle has two forms of testing so they can challenge themselves (and any brothers, sisters, and other family members, who may also use the code). 

To get free unlimited access for the next 12-weeks*:

Get the App ▸ ⁣

✝ Download of Google Play Android app may be temporarily interrupted. We are resolving ASAP. In the meantime please access via PC (, iOS, or Amazon appstores.


1. Once downloaded, click on 'Log in' on the ⋮ menu (top right: three dots) ⁣

2. Tap on ''Sir Linkalot's Unique Code (schools only)''

3. Username is: “FREE”

4. Enter the code: FREE

5. Tap on a bundle, and away you go!

6. To access it on your laptop/PC, type '' in to the browser itself (not a search engine) and follow the above steps (step 2 will be missed out)

You are welcome to share our link with friends and family (we'd appreciate it if you ask them to sign up via the link):

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Sir Linkalot is a fun and innovative app that is transforming how spelling is taught in schools, especially for those tricky common exception words, all the way from was, two and they up to accommodation, exhilarating, and even onomatopoeia

To find out what it's all about, take a peek at our mini-documentary:
The Future of Spelling (6m)

It is not solely for spelling, however, and covers the whole range of technical literacy requirements (vocabulary, homophones, punctuation, grammar, rules and patterns). So, it also applies to KS3 children.

Countdown's Susie Dent features as 'Susie Lexicographer' to give you the etymology of words that have an interesting story to tell. Visit our YouTube channel and check out the etymology of Biscuit.

You are welcome to share our mailing link so people can get a code themselves (even grandparents, as it works for all ages, and the elderly find it fun and stimulating – especially now when they have to self-isolate). We'd appreciate it if you ask them to sign up via the link:

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Welcome to the World of Linking - you won't look back.

Kind regards and keep safe,

  Sir Linkalot

The Award-Winning Spelling & Grammar App — Sir Linkalot