In Pictures

We hope you enjoy our picture gallery.  We have aimed to show you the school in action, both during a normal working day and during special occasions during the year.

If you would like to see the school in action for yourself, do please make an appointment to come to see us and we would be happy to show you around.

The Church
The School
meadow flowers for the bees and butterflies
Our bug hotel
We encourage the birds
We feed the birds
The Church from ICT suite
More delicious vegetables growing
Growing vegetables
Growing herbs in welly boots
Our little pond in the growing area
more flowers for the bees and butterflies
Easter Wells Class
Parents join us for lunch
Parents join us for lunch
Parents join us for lunch
smart Day
Smart Day
Busy busy
collecting information
Play time
Play time
Play time
We love the tyre park
Our traversing climbing wall
All our classes are well resourced
Dahl Class
Potter Class
Shakespeare Class prayers
Our home reading scheme
We have a Forest School!
The Learning Zone
Shakespeare enjoying books
Dahl enjoying science
Dahl Class reading area
Corridor to the hall
Potter Class learning a counting song with Mrs Jones
Potter Class small world
Potter Class provision
Potter Class provision
Potter Class provision
Potter Class have a farm shop
The BFG watches over us.
Our children add what they are proud of to the wall
Wells Class enjoying reading
Wells Class book corner
School hall
School hall
Understanding Christianity in Wells Class
The Library
Our computing room
Our Computing room has room for 30 children
The Library
The Library
Forest School
Being creative in Forest School
Look what I made!
Making stuff!
We love the Forest
Freedom in the Forest
Busy work!
shelter building
Chilling out in the hammock
Hanging out in the Forest
We can't wait to get to Forest School

The Frittenden CEP School has various photo galleries on its website, every effort is made to get permission of the people in the pictures, however if you see any picture on this website for which you hold the copyright to, are the subject of or think is offensive or inappropriate, please inform us immediately and we will either remove it or give you credit. Please contact us at