Welcome to Shakespeare Class 

Welcome back

Hope you all had a lovely summer holidays!.

This term we are busy reading ou class novel 'Journey to the River Sea'. It is about a young girl who leaves England to stay with her relations along the river Amazon in Brazil. 

This week we looked at Brazilian music called samba. We used ifferent brailian instruments to create samba music.

We also created Rainforest poetry. 

Here are some exmaples:


Tribes are slowly dying out

Rotten is being eaten by tribes 

I feel sorry they have to

Bright parrots make everything seem better

Echoing cries float around like feathers falling

Salty air please take me home 

By Ellie Gann

Amazon Rainorest

In the wonerful rainorest I can see

bumpy tall trees

which have light green flying failing trees

cunch crunch

In trees i can see monkeys

which are very cheeky

Monkeys are swinging on vines and jumping on vines

All the monkeys are very silly

I can see silveing snakes spotty snakes

dangling fro the trees

but I have seen this scary creature before

it is long an silvery rapping itself around the tree

Charlotte Highwood

In the Rainfoest 

Bids tweeting high in the sky

squeaking and squawking

loooking for food

Slowly a sloth swings tree to tree

Lions roaring as loud as thunder

bight bluebutterflies fly everywhere

Lazy leopards lounging around for its prey

Pink dolphins splashing in the Amazon river

Monkey swing vine to vine

You can hear a gorrilla stampin g on the ground.

bengal tiger roaring as loud as a F1 car

Sloth as slow as a slug crawling on the massive trees.

Anteater eating all the ants on the ground thats their favouite food.

Bobby Martin

Year 6 Targets for Maths